The band was formed in early 2012, but the current lineup has been playing together since February 2016. It consists of Michal Wawrzyczek (banjo, vocals), Tomáš Juřena (guitar vocals), Zdeněk Holka (upright bass) and Michal Kunc (mandolin, vocals). Individual band members are experienced musicians who used to play with bands such as Fragment, G-runs and Rosses, Křeni, Bluegrass Comeback, Milkeaters etc. The band's first CD called Miner's Daughter was recorded in Spring 2015. It features ten songs, nine of which are original. The CD gained a positive review by Stephen Mougin, a guitar player, singer and songwriter for the Sam Bush Band. The Jumper Cables is best characterised as a contemporary bluegrass band being influenced also by other music genres. This is reflected in the choice of repertoire and distinctive arrangements of songs.​

Michal Wawrzyczek – Banjo & Vocals
Tomáš Juřena – Guitar & Vocals
Lukáš Rytíř – Upright Bass & Vocals
Michal Kunc – Mandolin & Vocals
The Jumper Cables are:

Instrument - Banjo (Krishot)
Experience - Křeni, G-Runs and Rosses
Bands - The Jumper Cables, Red and White

Instrument - Upright Bass
Experience - Křeni, G-Runs and Rosses
Petra Fúriková Band, Acoustic Irish
Bands - The Jumper Cables, Memoary

Instrument - Guitar (Bourgeois)
Experience - Fragment, Bluegrass Comeback
Bands - The Jumper Cables, Hajcman

Instrument - Miroslav Váňa
Experience - Red & White, Milkeaters
Kapely - The Jumper Cables, Milkeaters